LEOPARD PRINT COAT (similar: onetwothreefour, five)| SUEDE DRESS (similar: onetwo) | TIGHTS (similar: onetwo) | BLACK BOOTIES (similar: onetwothree)


    EEEK! My first fashion post!!! This has definitely given me quite the butterflies- but happy and fun butterflies mixed with a little bit of nerves! I have never been super photogenic.. so I don’t feel like I have a ton of pictures of myself, and I’m not super natural at striking a pose. I had my younger sister giving me pointers because I couldn’t see what I looked like! Haha! I love fashion tho, so here goes! Sometimes you have to experience a little bit of discomfort in order to grow!

    These were taken on a cold and windy day, which I’m sure you can tell from the photos, I am not good at hiding much! Anyways, I am a huge fan of leopard print! It’s so fun, yet so trendy and timeless at the same time. I love to wear this coat to church in the winter. It’s fun to mix it up instead of a plain black church coat. Plus- it is faux fur!! I LOVE anything fur too- so double perfection! You could totally wear this coat out and about too if you wanted! I paired the leopard print coat with a camel color suede dress (that is sooooo comfy), dark green tights, and a pair of black suede booties. I have had the black booties since last year and they have definitely been a staple in my wardrobe, they look cute with everything! Also, they aren’t too high to still carry my kids in!

    Let me know in the comments below if you are a leopard print fan! And if you’re not… I challenge you to try it out, whether it’s a pair of shoes/boots, a purse, a hair scrunchie, a sweater, or a full out FAUX FUR LEOPARD PRINT COAT! Whoa, that was a mouthful! But really tho, it just adds a little bit of fun and polish to your outfit!

    Hope you have a fabulous day!

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    I haven’t written anything in a while because I’m having a few roadblocks. First, the only camera that I own is my phone, sooooooo.. it doesn’t take the best indoor pictures, which is kinda a big deal! If your pictures are crap, then it’s hard to show what the space/project actually Continue Reading…


    We still have snow sooooo.. I had to post some snowy pics from a couple years ago! Hope it’s not too early for all these snow pics! Haha!

    The other day I was watching some Pentatonix Christmas music videos on Youtube and I forgot how talented they are!! Seriously- how do they make all that music with no instruments?! It blows my mind! I love their Christmas songs, they are so pretty I honestly get emotional listening to some of them because they are so beautiful!

    I went to the gym again this morning and it feels so, so good! I’m so excited to get back into the groove of working out again!

    Hope you all have a great day!


    Hello! I am so excited to share these pics of my favorite chair with you today!! I have always called it my seashell chair because of the channel back and the pink color of the fabric. I have had this chair for a very long time, and I always intended to reupholster it. Well… I never got around to it, so recently I had it done at an upholstery shop. I am so pumped with the way it turned out! Can you believe it’s the same chair?! It looks so pretty in my living room! Now I have the bug to have more of my furniture done, but I think I am going to attempt a couple pieces on my own and I’ll share them with you when they are finished!

    If you have ever had any cool furniture reupholstered I would love to see it! #oldfurnitureisbetterthannew


    Happy winter!! When the snow started falling yesterday, Vernon (my 3 year old) said, “YAY! IT’S WINTER!!” I love our winters, although at times they can get long so I always hope for a really long and beautiful fall. We had an absolutely gorgeous fall this year, and now I feel like I’m ready for the snow.. although it’s probably not here to stay quite yet! All this snow makes me feel so cozy- think a mug of hot chocolate, wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket and listening to Christmas music! Yes, we have had the Christmas tunes on already! Vernon keeps asking if it’s Christmas yet?

    Vernon is pretty excited for Halloween, he loves to run around all day in his costume! We bought a little spider web with spiders the other day and we have some mini pumpkins on the table, that’s about the extent of our decor this year. I would love to go all out decorating for the holidays, but we have had a super busy fall so maybe next year! I have loved to decorate since I was really young. I was always the one making decorations out of construction paper and taping them to the windows.. I’m sure they looked beautiful! 😉 I always feel so excited with the holidays- must just be the inner-kid in me!

    Two days ago I signed up for a gym membership and have gone 3 days in a row! It feels so amazing to get back into it, and I am super sore! It was a cardio day for me today. I did an interval workout on the treadmill- I forgot how challenging those are!! I love them because I feel like the time goes by a lot faster than if you’re just running one pace the whole time! It’s good to mix it up too!

    Happy Saturday everyone!