Happy Cyber Monday everyone! I know it’s been a while since the One Room Challenge finale, but I would like to share where I found certain things from, in case any of you are interested in them for your own home. Could there be a better day to share than Cyber Monday?! Hopefully you can snag some awesome deals and add a few fun pieces to your home or maybe get some Christmas shopping done!

This rug I got a few years ago from Rugs Usa, it’s a wool rug and has held up really well! I couldn’t find the exact one on their site, but here’s a similar one, and they have 60% off today!

The step stool is from Ikea, along with the insect pillow, stuffed elephant and colorful abacus.

The airplane art, marled knit throw (I added diy tassels), silver bulldog bank and butterfly art are all from TJ Maxx which has free shipping online today!

Giraffe Art is from Hobby Lobby.

White Cotton Duvet Cover from H&M, and it’s only $17.50 today!!! They also have 7 other colors!

Little Mister and Littlest Big Deal art are from Hobby Lobby.

Llama art and grid hamper are from TJ Maxx. Both are sold out- other fun hampers: Rope hamper and this Fringey One. Here are some other cute animal art pieces: LionsKoalaLlamaDogGiraffe.

Shade Fabric is from Fabric.com and it’s 40% off!! Such a good deal! They have a couple other colors too!!

Zebra head wall decor is from Target- sold out, but other ones I love are: wolfsharkflamingobunnyllamaunicorn, and swan. They are 15% off today!!

I’m in LOVE with these whimsical fox sheets from the Pillowfort collection at Target! I was completely sold when I seen that they were 100% cotton! A lot of the previous ones they had were adorable… but they were microfiber which I’m not a fan of. Here are a few other fun ones that are also cotton: transportation sheetsForest Animal SheetsSurf board Sheets.

Swan bank from TJ Maxx. I love these other adorable piggy banks too: CactusUnicornSloth and Penguin.

Removable Triangle Wallpaper is from Total Wallcovering & Decor. This is one of the cheapest places I found wallpaper from.

And that’s a wrap! Let me know in the comments if you are wondering about something else that isn’t covered here!

*post contains affiliate links.