You guys!!! I can’t believe I did it!! I seriously have NEVER in my life worked that hard on a project before! Always before I would have started off strong and then slowly faded out, leaving a half done project to sit there and accumulate dust. So, one thing I learned from this One Room Challenge to be so true (and I’ve known this before but I tend to forget things) is that MOTIVATION comes after! If you sit around and wait to feel motivated, you’ll have about 9 days out of 365 that you’re fired up to get things done.. think of all the rest of those days that you could have accomplished something. I believe it’s good to go at your own pace, but sometimes you just have to START, give yourself a little pep talk- you can do hard things! The last week for me was INTENSE!! I made a To-Do list and just started checking things off. I would finish one thing and then go back to my list and be like, “Okay Hannah, you got this!” You guys, it was SUPER challenging, but I knew I wanted to finish it so I stuck with it! The reward is the best part. You get to see your finished space in all it’s beautifulness and know that YOU did it, you stuck it out! It’s crazy what some hard work and creativity can do to a space!

I don’t want to talk too much with this post, because I know you’re all here for the photos anyways! So, I hope you guys love it as much as I do! I’m so happy to have a fun space for my kiddos, and I think they are pretty pumped too! Also, I want to say thank you to the One Room Challenge for getting my butt in gear, and for once in my life, finishing a room completely! Thank you everyone for following along the last 6 weeks- I so appreciate it! You guys are the best cheerleaders!

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