Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having a fabulous day!! Just today we decided it’s time to pull out the Christmas tunes.. so that’s pretty fun and makes the kids and I fired up! Too early for you?! The Christmas season is always so crazy busy and FLIES by, soooooo.. why not start a little early?!

It is week FOUR of the One Room Challenge, holey moley! Where does the time go?! Well, let’s jump right into it!

So this past week was 100 times better than last week! I think after I got it out in the open that this is hard and challenging to makeover a room in 6 weeks with little munchkins, it took SO much pressure off me! It gave me a little relief, to just have FUN with it! This week was exciting because I started on a few more things and I can see it all coming together now!

So my wallpaper came in and I started hanging it… on the CEILING!! I have never done wallpaper, EVER! But, this is removable so it’s kind of like a massive sticker on a roll. My arms have definitely been feeling it, and it’s not perfect- but we’re not striving for perfection in life, right?! I have 3 sections up so far and I LOVE it! It just adds such an impact to an otherwise boring ceiling!

I got the door all sanded and filled the screw holes from the hinges. I just used a plastic wood filler. I filled them once, let dry and then sanded. I did this one more time for a smooth look. Then on to the fun part! I primed the entire door, and got one side fully painted. The color is VERY bold- but I LOVE IT!! It’s just a door that will be against a white wall, so I think it will be the perfect pop of bold color! It’s a bright red-orange! I’ll share all my paint colors on reveal day!

I also set up Vernon’s bed frame, and let me tell you, just getting his bed off the floor makes the room look so much more finished! He was pretty darn excited when it was all set up! He even wanted to go for a nap after many minutes of jumping! Haha!

That’s all I got for you this week! I better get going so I can have everything looking pretty for you guys in TWO weeks! Yikes!!

I want to apologize ahead of time for the crappy pictures.. I have my sister lined up to take the final ones! They’ll be waaaayyy better!!

See you next Thursday!