Well hello!! I can’t believe we have one week left of the One Room Challenge! It’s crazy that 5 weeks have gone by already! Some weeks there wasn’t a ton of progress, but this last week was pretty productive for me.. and this coming week will probably be even crazier!! Alright, let’s get to it!

Last week I started wallpapering, and after a few panels, started to get discouraged because the wallpaper wasn’t lining up right. I had never done wallpaper before, nevertheless on a ceiling! So, the old me, the perfectionist Hannah, would have quit and the project would have been left half done. But, I cheered myself on and reminded myself that it didn’t have to be perfect! Little by little, that whole ceiling got hung! I am so happy I chose to stick with it, it really makes the room and adds a fun aspect to it!

The other night my husband removed the existing door and frame, so I went to the lumber yard today and picked up some 1 x 6’s to trim out the doorway. I will paint the trim white once it’s installed. Once the trim is finished.. we can put the bright, bold door up, which leads me to the next thing I did! I had bought some hardware for the door, in a really nice matte black, but I switched the door color, last minute! Last week I showed you the bright red-orange door, but I didn’t want black hardware with it. So today I sanded all the hardware down to scuff it up a little with 400 grit sandpaper. I washed and dried them and then spray painted them a matte brass! I absolutely love the look of the red-orange door with the brass hardware- it looks so classy!

I did a lot of spray painting today.. I spray painted some small knobs a matte black for the kids clothing armoire. It had some older looking pull rings on it, but I wanted something simpler and more modern. I haven’t attached any of my hardware to the door or the cabinet, I want it to fully cure before monkeying with them.

I also spray painted the 2 vinyl windows in their room. One was a light tan/gray color and the other was dark brown. I always hated the way they stood out with the white trim. We had gotten the windows for free, so you can’t beat that on a house remodel on a budget! The bedroom is a little paint fumey, and I may have lost some brain cells today, but I was feelin’ a little too smart for my own good anyways! 😉 This definitely isn’t the best thing to do.. I wouldn’t recommend spray painting inside.. but I didn’t know how else to get a nice smooth look on vinyl windows.. and it DID work, so… oh well, it’s done and over with- and don’t worry, the kids will sleep in our room tonight while it airs out!

The last thing I spray painted was a light fixture. I had really hoped to find a thrifted fixture.. but that didn’t happen and I didn’t feel like spending more money. We had one in our spare room, which is pretty much just my junk room, so nobody was seeing it in there anyways. I took it down today and sprayed the chrome part of it a matte black and now I’m trying to figure out how to revamp the shade to make it fit in their room! Still haven’t figured that part out yet.

One other thing that I painted was the green bookshelf. I LOVED that color and it had only been that way for about a year.. but it goes right next to the door, on the same wall. The door is orange and the bookshelf is bright kelly green.. it just didn’t go, looked like candy corn pumpkins! So, I did some paint mixing with paint I already had and painted it a really light pink! I love it next to the orange door now! I didn’t quite have enough to paint the last coat, so I just painted a section of an index card and brought it to the hardware store and they matched it for me! I miss the green, but I always love pink and this goes waaaaayyy better with the rest of the room! We have one more big project in here… some shelving for above Vernon’s bed, so I’m hoping that we will get it finished in time!! Lots of other smaller things.. but I’ll let them be surprises for next week!

I am excited for the smaller things, decorating and just putting it all together! Thank you guys for following along and be sure to check back next Thursday for the big reveal!!