I haven’t written anything in a while because I’m having a few roadblocks. First, the only camera that I own is my phone, sooooooo.. it doesn’t take the best indoor pictures, which is kinda a big deal! If your pictures are crap, then it’s hard to show what the space/project actually looks like. Number 2: I have an Acer chromebook. I got it less than a year ago but the lighting on it isn’t the best. It makes it super challenging to edit pictures. So, I need to save up in order to upgrade both of these things, but I would love some feedback from you guys (while I start adding to my piggy bank-haha!)! I need some recommendations! Should I get a nicer phone that has an awesome camera? Should I get a DSLR camera, even though I know NOTHING about taking pictures? Should I hire my indoor photos out? What kind of laptops are super great for editing? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE all your help and feedback! Leave your thoughts and recommendations below or comment on my instagram post!

P.S.  This picture has nothing to do with my post, but isn’t it so pretty?! I hope someday to go back- because it was so amazing and I have never seen water this blue before my honeymoon! Also, warm pictures help the mind when it’s freezing and 30 mile an hour winds outside!