Hello everyone!! I have finally decided to share my downstairs bathroom! I didn’t want to before, because I felt like it wasn’t quite ready yet… but if you read my last post, I decided it’s time to dive in whether it’s perfect or not! So here goes!

When my husband (Tyler) first bought the house we live in, (we were dating at the time, so I didn’t live there yet) there was only one small and VERY narrow bathroom in the entire house. It was located on the main floor, kind of right in the middle of the house. When you first walked in the bathroom there was a pedestal sink right in front of you, to your right a stand-up shower and to your left a toilet. That was it folks! Sooooo.. Tyler decided, for some ODD reason, that they needed a bit of a bigger space than that for a bathroom!

Our kitchen is toward the back of our house, and right off the kitchen was this little room that was mostly empty, except for a few makeshift shelves. We found out that the older man who lived there (along with 10 other people I believe..) before us used it as his radio room. He really enjoyed listening to HAM radio- so he had his own little, separate room just for that! I don’t know much about it, but we definitely didn’t need a “radio room” in our (I mean Tyler’s) house! So, he made that little room into a bathroom! I was living away at the time so I didn’t get a say in any of the pieces, or layout, that went in there- DARN! Only a guy would put a vanity under a window…

After painting the walls about 3 times, I finally got it right! Third time’s a charm! The vanity started out as just a builder-grade vanity (brand new) but totally not cute! So I started out by painting it taupe, but eventually painted it black- and now I LOVE it! I spray painted the knobs that it came with, gold. It had an ugly, cream-color vanity top with the little seashell indent to hold a bar of soap.. never loved that. I went to Habitat for Humanity and found a white vanity top for $10! It’s not perfect but I love it way more than the previous one! Tyler built that shelf for me and I gave it a couple coats of coral paint. The shade is a DIY- just a cheap roller shade covered in fabric. The marbled succulent pots are also DIY- I used nail polish in a bunch of fun colors to marble the little white pots. Also, it took me for-ever to find a shower curtain.. I purchased WAY too many when I was trying to style this bathroom! When I found the flamingo curtain- I just KNEW that it would be perfect!

I love how this bathroom turned out because it’s fun and whimsical, yet still feels glam! I’ll try to link all the pieces below! Hope this inspires you to just, GO FOR IT! and use some color in your home!!


flamingo shower curtain

soap dispenser

gold mirror- thrifted

light pink vase (similar)

wooden elephant- thrifted

glass soap jar (lid painted gold)

Q-tip & cotton pad jars (lids painted gold)- similar

white bath rug

baskets- TJ Maxx & Homegoods

ombre macrame wall hanging- TJ Maxx

dalmatian print fabric


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