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    It’s week two of the One Room Challenge!! I have to admit, I have a little confession to make.. I was having trouble writing this post because I don’t have a whole lot to show you this week, but that doesn’t mean that stuff isn’t HAPPENING!! I was thinking, “Shoot! Everyone will think I’m falling off the bus, throwing in the towel already!” But don’t worry folks! I have always worked better under pressure! ANNNDDD… I HAVE been getting stuff done, just not stuff that there are a whole lot of pictures for- but still, VERY IMPORTANT stuff!

    So first off, I want to let you in on a few design secrets! Are you ready?

    Okay!! So I was feeling a little stumped on the color way of my kids bedroom. I didn’t have a color scheme all put together in my head, I was just of kind of winging it! I knew I wanted fun, bright colors and that’s about it! So I was trying to figure things out, like for example, what color I was going to paint the door, bed frame, etc. Then one night after everyone was asleep, and I could finally sit down and think, I started looking through my big book of colors. I knew one color that I wanted to use for sure was olive green. So, the next step that I took was… PINTEREST!! My favorite place for inspiration! I typed “olive green color scheme” in the search box and started scrolling. I came upon a color palette that made me so happy! I knew right then and there that I had figured out a little piece to the puzzle! This is the part where I got so giddy and tried to hop in bed and fall fast asleep instantly… but that didn’t quite happen! This is how I get! When I’m so fired up on a project, it’s hard to shut my brain off with all the ideas that are popping into my head faster than I can process them- but I LOVE it!! This is how creativity works guys! You never know when you are going to strike a pot of gold- and when you do, you just gotta run with it! It’s so fun!!

    Tip #1: Start with a color scheme! (This could entail a palette you found from Pinterest, a magazine, etc., a piece of art, a throw pillow, etc.)

    Tip #2: Your color scheme should make you/your client HAPPY!! (If you look at a color scheme and think, “Yeah, that’s cool.” but that’s the extent of it, then that probably isn’t the right one for you! You’ll know!)

    Tip #3: Don’t rush into it and just throw something up! (Have a color scheme picked out before you start throwing things together. You will save yourself time, energy and money if you think it through! Make sure you are getting the right vibe, that it fits with the style that you are going for! *But also, don’t get STUCK in the thinking part too long either- you have to find that balance!)

    Alright! Those are my tips for you today, now on to what I’ve been getting done over here! The first thing that I am really excited about is a door that I found! I knew I wanted a different door for the kids’ bedroom. The one they have is a hollow core door that came with the hinges on the wrong side so my husband just switched it to the other side.. and it never really looked too great. Also, my kids have a pretty small bedroom and the door took away even more space because it opens inward.

    So I packed up the kids and we headed to our local ReStore. It’s always hit or miss for me there, but I have found some nice things! It’s the craziest thing tho, I went into there thinking, “I am going to find a door!” …and you know what?! I SURE DID!! It’s crazy to me because we can make all these excuses why we can’t finish projects or get started on them- because we can’t find this or that, or that we need to find a few more things, or we don’t have enough money, etc. It’s crazy to me because this has been the story of my life! But now, I put a little time crunch on finishing up this bedroom and VOILA- I find exactly what I was looking for instantly! It’s like pure magic guys!! Okay, I’ll be done now, but you get the point! Haha! I forgot to add- the door was only $7!!! So WOOHOO- such a steal!!

    I plan to paint this door and the hardware already came in for it and I’m in love!! The fun part about this door is that it will be a sliding door, like a barn door, but more modern looking! I can’t wait!!

    I had mentioned in my first post that Vernon needed a bed frame. I had one stored in my parents attic that I had bought from a garage sale years ago. It’s actually a bunk bed but I’m just going to be using half of it. I sanded it down, washed all the dust off and got it primed. I bought the paint yesterday and hope to put a coat on today!

    I ordered the wallpaper and hopefully it will be in sometime next week! I will share later on what I am doing with it! I’m so excited for that too! Can you tell that I am just so pumped for this entire room?!

    One other thing that I ordered (because we live in a very rural area) is some fabric samples, possibly to make some sort of window coverings!

    So that’s it for today guys- can’t wait to share some more updates and more pics next Thursday! Stay tuned and check out the other guest bloggers here!

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    this is the color palette that makes my heart sing!! All these colors plus navy/dark blue and chartreuse!






    I am so excited to share some big news with you guys!! I have never done anything like this before and I’m just so giddy over here!!

    Sooooo… I will be participating in the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge as a guest participant!! This challenge starts TODAY for all guest participants! “The ORC is not a competition, but rather a celebration of creativity, inspiration and original ideas!” -ORC website. It’s a fun little challenge to encourage you to finish up ONE room in your home! This is so great because if you’re anything like me, you jump from room to room instead of getting ONE room fully finished! ORC puts this fun, little challenge on twice a year, every Spring and Fall! I hope you will follow along for the next 6 weeks to watch this room makeover! Check back each Thursday right here on my blog and my Instagram page for an update! Check out all of the other Guest Participants here. The 20 Featured Designers will post every Wednesday, so go check them out too! Also, head over to the ORC website to get more info and check out a bunch of rooms that have been transformed in the previous seasons! Check out their Instagram page here for some more inspiration!

    So, I am going to makeover my kids bedroom! I have a 4 year old boy (Vernon) and a 2 year old girl (Rosie) who share a room. A while ago I had painted their walls a nice bright white- (they used to be cantaloupe orange…) and that’s as far as I got! So, it’s kind of a blank canvas for me and I love that!

    Today I am going to show you some before pictures and then next week I’ll share some progress!

    I will be keeping the white walls, the wooden armoire for the kids clothes, the chartreuse area rug, the green bookshelf and Rosie’s crib. I will be getting rid of the blanket and pillowcase that we’ve been using as curtains, the light bulb will be changed to a fixture and I’ll be getting some new bedding. I will be adding fun decor and art, curtains, possibly some wallpaper, shelving, a new door, lighting and a bed frame for Vernon.

    The first thing I always do when designing a room is think about how I want the space to feel! This bedroom is for my kiddos so I want it to feel fun, happy, calm and clean! I think kids NEED color, so I will be using a lot of color in this room! The white walls act as a blank canvas and make the room feel fresh and clean! I will be sure to use some muted colors and touches of black for a resting place for the eyes. The wood tones of the armoire and touches of copper will help to warm up the space! I will be using lots of patterns; it makes it feel fun and I’m such a pattern girl, so I guess my kids are too! Haha!

    So here’s my starting point! I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!


    And here’s my main inspiration picture! I love the fun vibe this room gives off!

    Four Cheeky Monkeys

    Check back next week to see some progress!!

    Thanks for following along!





    Hello everyone!! I have finally decided to share my downstairs bathroom! I didn’t want to before, because I felt like it wasn’t quite ready yet… but if you read my last post, I decided it’s time to dive in whether it’s perfect or not! So here goes!

    When my husband (Tyler) first bought the house we live in, (we were dating at the time, so I didn’t live there yet) there was only one small and VERY narrow bathroom in the entire house. It was located on the main floor, kind of right in the middle of the house. When you first walked in the bathroom there was a pedestal sink right in front of you, to your right a stand-up shower and to your left a toilet. That was it folks! Sooooo.. Tyler decided, for some ODD reason, that they needed a bit of a bigger space than that for a bathroom!

    Our kitchen is toward the back of our house, and right off the kitchen was this little room that was mostly empty, except for a few makeshift shelves. We found out that the older man who lived there (along with 10 other people I believe..) before us used it as his radio room. He really enjoyed listening to HAM radio- so he had his own little, separate room just for that! I don’t know much about it, but we definitely didn’t need a “radio room” in our (I mean Tyler’s) house! So, he made that little room into a bathroom! I was living away at the time so I didn’t get a say in any of the pieces, or layout, that went in there- DARN! Only a guy would put a vanity under a window…

    After painting the walls about 3 times, I finally got it right! Third time’s a charm! The vanity started out as just a builder-grade vanity (brand new) but totally not cute! So I started out by painting it taupe, but eventually painted it black- and now I LOVE it! I spray painted the knobs that it came with, gold. It had an ugly, cream-color vanity top with the little seashell indent to hold a bar of soap.. never loved that. I went to Habitat for Humanity and found a white vanity top for $10! It’s not perfect but I love it way more than the previous one! Tyler built that shelf for me and I gave it a couple coats of coral paint. The shade is a DIY- just a cheap roller shade covered in fabric. The marbled succulent pots are also DIY- I used nail polish in a bunch of fun colors to marble the little white pots. Also, it took me for-ever to find a shower curtain.. I purchased WAY too many when I was trying to style this bathroom! When I found the flamingo curtain- I just KNEW that it would be perfect!

    I love how this bathroom turned out because it’s fun and whimsical, yet still feels glam! I’ll try to link all the pieces below! Hope this inspires you to just, GO FOR IT! and use some color in your home!!


    flamingo shower curtain

    soap dispenser

    gold mirror- thrifted

    light pink vase (similar)

    wooden elephant- thrifted

    glass soap jar (lid painted gold)

    Q-tip & cotton pad jars (lids painted gold)- similar

    white bath rug

    baskets- TJ Maxx & Homegoods

    ombre macrame wall hanging- TJ Maxx

    dalmatian print fabric


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    Well, hello!

    There has been something on my mind lately that I need to get off my chest… don’t worry, it’s not deep and mushy or anything! Here it is- I follow a lot of bloggers and there are quite a few, very talented ones who kill it in home design and styling! Just seeing this and knowing this makes me a little apprehensive Continue Reading…


    If you know me at all, you know that I have always been a huge color-lover!! For a few years in my early twenties, I didn’t buy as many clothes with a bunch of different colors and patterns. I stuck to more neutrals… until I finally realized that neutral just doesn’t fit me! I am a color-lover through and through! Neutrals don’t give me any kind of sparkle, they don’t fire me up and make me happy like colorful patterns and different textures do! And yes, I still wear black and other neutral colors, but I definitely am drawn to colors way more! So, instead of trying to blend in and buy neutral clothing, I was like, “Who cares?! This is me and I’m fine with that!” It was so freeing when I made this choice to just go with what I love, instead of wearing what everyone else was wearing! You don’t know how many times, when I was in school I would try an outfit on before bed and lay it out for morning… and then in the morning I would chicken out to wear it. On went the jeans and t-shirt instead. Why?! Lack of confidence I suppose… but man does it feel GOOD when you are comfortable to wear whatever you like, and not worry about if someone else will like it or not!

    My love of color is not just in my clothing, it’s in everything in my life. I LOVE colorful home decor! So, I thought I would put up some pictures of some color that is peppered throughout my house! Every time I see a pretty spot in my house with a bunch of fun colors, it is sure to bring a smile to my face! I can’t wait to share some room reveals with you guys- the only thing is, I have a bunch of rooms in my house that are like 85% finished… So, with that being said, I have a question for you guys and I would absolutely LOVE it if you would help me out here! I am trying to figure out which room I should get done first! So the big question for you is:

    1. the kids bedroom (needs headboard for Vernon, trim touched up, windows painted, some shelving and decor)
    2. the upstairs bathroom (still needs a vanity, paint, trim and decor)
    3. the downstairs bathroom (mostly finished, have to touch up some paint and caulk)

    I have a bunch of things for these rooms already, just need to paint certain pieces or revamp them in some way. I do need to buy a few things too! So, what do you guys think? Tell me which room you would be MOST excited to see me post on here next! Thank you for your help! I’m excited to see what you guys pick, so I can get started on it!! Have a happy Monday everyone!