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    You guys!!! I can’t believe I did it!! I seriously have NEVER in my life worked that hard on a project before! Always before I would have started off strong and then slowly faded out, leaving a half done project to sit there and accumulate dust. So, one thing I learned from this One Room Challenge to be so true (and I’ve known this before but I tend to forget things) is that MOTIVATION comes after! If you sit around and wait to feel motivated, you’ll have about 9 days out of 365 that you’re fired up to get things done.. think of all the rest of those days that you could have accomplished something. I believe it’s good to go at your own pace, but sometimes you just have to START, give yourself a little pep talk- you can do hard things! The last week for me was INTENSE!! I made a To-Do list and just started checking things off. I would finish one thing and then go back to my list and be like, “Okay Hannah, you got this!” You guys, it was SUPER challenging, but I knew I wanted to finish it so I stuck with it! The reward is the best part. You get to see your finished space in all it’s beautifulness and know that YOU did it, you stuck it out! It’s crazy what some hard work and creativity can do to a space!

    I don’t want to talk too much with this post, because I know you’re all here for the photos anyways! So, I hope you guys love it as much as I do! I’m so happy to have a fun space for my kiddos, and I think they are pretty pumped too! Also, I want to say thank you to the One Room Challenge for getting my butt in gear, and for once in my life, finishing a room completely! Thank you everyone for following along the last 6 weeks- I so appreciate it! You guys are the best cheerleaders!

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    Well hello!! I can’t believe we have one week left of the One Room Challenge! It’s crazy that 5 weeks have gone by already! Some weeks there wasn’t a ton of progress, but this last week was pretty productive for me.. and this coming week will probably be even crazier!! Alright, let’s get to it!

    Last week I started wallpapering, and after a few panels, started to get discouraged because the wallpaper wasn’t lining up right. I had never done wallpaper before, nevertheless on a ceiling! So, the old me, the perfectionist Hannah, would have quit and the project would have been left half done. But, I cheered myself on and reminded myself that it didn’t have to be perfect! Little by little, that whole ceiling got hung! I am so happy I chose to stick with it, it really makes the room and adds a fun aspect to it!

    The other night my husband removed the existing door and frame, so I went to the lumber yard today and picked up some 1 x 6’s to trim out the doorway. I will paint the trim white once it’s installed. Once the trim is finished.. we can put the bright, bold door up, which leads me to the next thing I did! I had bought some hardware for the door, in a really nice matte black, but I switched the door color, last minute! Last week I showed you the bright red-orange door, but I didn’t want black hardware with it. So today I sanded all the hardware down to scuff it up a little with 400 grit sandpaper. I washed and dried them and then spray painted them a matte brass! I absolutely love the look of the red-orange door with the brass hardware- it looks so classy!

    I did a lot of spray painting today.. I spray painted some small knobs a matte black for the kids clothing armoire. It had some older looking pull rings on it, but I wanted something simpler and more modern. I haven’t attached any of my hardware to the door or the cabinet, I want it to fully cure before monkeying with them.

    I also spray painted the 2 vinyl windows in their room. One was a light tan/gray color and the other was dark brown. I always hated the way they stood out with the white trim. We had gotten the windows for free, so you can’t beat that on a house remodel on a budget! The bedroom is a little paint fumey, and I may have lost some brain cells today, but I was feelin’ a little too smart for my own good anyways! 😉 This definitely isn’t the best thing to do.. I wouldn’t recommend spray painting inside.. but I didn’t know how else to get a nice smooth look on vinyl windows.. and it DID work, so… oh well, it’s done and over with- and don’t worry, the kids will sleep in our room tonight while it airs out!

    The last thing I spray painted was a light fixture. I had really hoped to find a thrifted fixture.. but that didn’t happen and I didn’t feel like spending more money. We had one in our spare room, which is pretty much just my junk room, so nobody was seeing it in there anyways. I took it down today and sprayed the chrome part of it a matte black and now I’m trying to figure out how to revamp the shade to make it fit in their room! Still haven’t figured that part out yet.

    One other thing that I painted was the green bookshelf. I LOVED that color and it had only been that way for about a year.. but it goes right next to the door, on the same wall. The door is orange and the bookshelf is bright kelly green.. it just didn’t go, looked like candy corn pumpkins! So, I did some paint mixing with paint I already had and painted it a really light pink! I love it next to the orange door now! I didn’t quite have enough to paint the last coat, so I just painted a section of an index card and brought it to the hardware store and they matched it for me! I miss the green, but I always love pink and this goes waaaaayyy better with the rest of the room! We have one more big project in here… some shelving for above Vernon’s bed, so I’m hoping that we will get it finished in time!! Lots of other smaller things.. but I’ll let them be surprises for next week!

    I am excited for the smaller things, decorating and just putting it all together! Thank you guys for following along and be sure to check back next Thursday for the big reveal!!









    Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having a fabulous day!! Just today we decided it’s time to pull out the Christmas tunes.. so that’s pretty fun and makes the kids and I fired up! Too early for you?! The Christmas season is always so crazy busy and FLIES by, soooooo.. why not start a little early?!

    It is week FOUR of the One Room Challenge, holey moley! Where does the time go?! Well, let’s jump right into it!

    So this past week was 100 times better than last week! I think after I got it out in the open that this is hard and challenging to makeover a room in 6 weeks with little munchkins, it took SO much pressure off me! It gave me a little relief, to just have FUN with it! This week was exciting because I started on a few more things and I can see it all coming together now!

    So my wallpaper came in and I started hanging it… on the CEILING!! I have never done wallpaper, EVER! But, this is removable so it’s kind of like a massive sticker on a roll. My arms have definitely been feeling it, and it’s not perfect- but we’re not striving for perfection in life, right?! I have 3 sections up so far and I LOVE it! It just adds such an impact to an otherwise boring ceiling!

    I got the door all sanded and filled the screw holes from the hinges. I just used a plastic wood filler. I filled them once, let dry and then sanded. I did this one more time for a smooth look. Then on to the fun part! I primed the entire door, and got one side fully painted. The color is VERY bold- but I LOVE IT!! It’s just a door that will be against a white wall, so I think it will be the perfect pop of bold color! It’s a bright red-orange! I’ll share all my paint colors on reveal day!

    I also set up Vernon’s bed frame, and let me tell you, just getting his bed off the floor makes the room look so much more finished! He was pretty darn excited when it was all set up! He even wanted to go for a nap after many minutes of jumping! Haha!

    That’s all I got for you this week! I better get going so I can have everything looking pretty for you guys in TWO weeks! Yikes!!

    I want to apologize ahead of time for the crappy pictures.. I have my sister lined up to take the final ones! They’ll be waaaayyy better!!

    See you next Thursday!



    Alright you guys- usually I would say my posts are pretty happy and upbeat, because that’s how I REALLY feel! Weeelllll.. today I’m going to be real honest with you. I thought if I put the pressure on myself, I’d have to get this room finished for the One Room Challenge … but years ago, I found out when I am under a ton of pressure I get headaches, I’m crabby, short on patience, stressed out, etc. It’s just the perfect recipe to make me crack! So.. that’s how it’s really going. Not. so. peachy.

    I’m irritated with my kids because they are being kids.. let me explain. So I painted Vernon’s headboard last night, put the last coat on. The best place to work on my painting projects is in the kitchen. Therefore, I have a headboard and a footboard standing up precariously in the middle of my kitchen floor.. which is a pretty high traffic area. This is the perfect setup for DISASTER. Sure enough. We went all day without knocking them down, until now, just after dinner Rosie sent one flying and dented it all up. I wasn’t the happiest as you can imagine. Fast forward an hour and she sends the other one flying.. you get the picture. Now.. none of this has anything to do with my kids at all. It’s all me. I set myself up for ALL of it.

    I’m completely MAXED out and FRUSTRATED. I’m sorry that you had to come to my blog today and read the complete opposite of sunshine and rainbows! Really, I am. But, I always want to stay real with you guys. This project has been VEERRRYYY hard on me. Life is not always peachy. I’m not always the happiest person. But the first step in the right direction is to get it out in the open and try to figure out what’s next.

    So, I really am going to try my hardest to finish this room in the allotted time.. but also try not to be a miserable person in the meantime.

    Today, the only thing new I have to show you, are pictures of Vernon’s painted bed frame, unassembled of course. I originally had picked an olive green color, which I really liked and was pretty set on. Then, after I found my color palette last week I decided to switch it to a little brighter of a color… I painted one coat and it was too limey for me. So, I had some black paint on hand and added a bit to make it a little more earthy. It worked! I put another coat on with that.. and decided it was a little too dark.. so I added some white! Perfection! You know what tho? It was almost the identical color of that very first color I had originally chosen! Moral of the story, most often you will go with the first choice you chose, from the very beginning! Go with your gut!

    The door that I showed you last week got sanded, and that’s as far as I got with it. My wallpaper came in yesterday, but now I am waiting on a wallpaper squeegee to come in. The perks of living in a small town! My fabric samples came in and I chose one for the window coverings, but haven’t ordered the fabric yet. And that’s all I have for you folks! I forgot to mention- my first choices for wallpaper and fabric, also ended up being the winners!

    So where does this whole realization lead me?! I have figured out that it is VERY hard to be an interior designer/decorator with a 2 and 4 year old.. and that makes me sad. I want to do both so. BAD. I love design and decor! But family comes first. They will only be little for a short time. I want to soak up this time with them, and not be crabby and short on patience all the time. So, that doesn’t mean that I am going to STOP designing and decorating.. but it may be at a much slower pace. If you take away your passions in life, you’ll lose your spark! You may just have to get a little more creative in what you CAN do! I may do more craft projects which are a lot easier to do with kids than overhauling an entire room! I also have something else up my sleeve.. I have been thinking about it for a while.. but I can’t spill until it’s a for sure thing!

    Okay, so I got it all out there! I feel so much better now! Thank you so much for reading and listening to what was on my heart! I really appreciate it, and as much as I don’t LOVE the vibe of this post, it feels so good to be honest and vulnerable with you guys!

    I’ll see you next Thursday, if  not sooner!



    It’s week two of the One Room Challenge!! I have to admit, I have a little confession to make.. I was having trouble writing this post because I don’t have a whole lot to show you this week, but that doesn’t mean that stuff isn’t HAPPENING!! I was thinking, “Shoot! Everyone will think I’m falling off the bus, throwing in the towel already!” But don’t worry folks! I have always worked better under pressure! ANNNDDD… I HAVE been getting stuff done, just not stuff that there are a whole lot of pictures for- but still, VERY IMPORTANT stuff!

    So first off, I want to let you in on a few design secrets! Are you ready?

    Okay!! So I was feeling a little stumped on the color way of my kids bedroom. I didn’t have a color scheme all put together in my head, I was just of kind of winging it! I knew I wanted fun, bright colors and that’s about it! So I was trying to figure things out, like for example, what color I was going to paint the door, bed frame, etc. Then one night after everyone was asleep, and I could finally sit down and think, I started looking through my big book of colors. I knew one color that I wanted to use for sure was olive green. So, the next step that I took was… PINTEREST!! My favorite place for inspiration! I typed “olive green color scheme” in the search box and started scrolling. I came upon a color palette that made me so happy! I knew right then and there that I had figured out a little piece to the puzzle! This is the part where I got so giddy and tried to hop in bed and fall fast asleep instantly… but that didn’t quite happen! This is how I get! When I’m so fired up on a project, it’s hard to shut my brain off with all the ideas that are popping into my head faster than I can process them- but I LOVE it!! This is how creativity works guys! You never know when you are going to strike a pot of gold- and when you do, you just gotta run with it! It’s so fun!!

    Tip #1: Start with a color scheme! (This could entail a palette you found from Pinterest, a magazine, etc., a piece of art, a throw pillow, etc.)

    Tip #2: Your color scheme should make you/your client HAPPY!! (If you look at a color scheme and think, “Yeah, that’s cool.” but that’s the extent of it, then that probably isn’t the right one for you! You’ll know!)

    Tip #3: Don’t rush into it and just throw something up! (Have a color scheme picked out before you start throwing things together. You will save yourself time, energy and money if you think it through! Make sure you are getting the right vibe, that it fits with the style that you are going for! *But also, don’t get STUCK in the thinking part too long either- you have to find that balance!)

    Alright! Those are my tips for you today, now on to what I’ve been getting done over here! The first thing that I am really excited about is a door that I found! I knew I wanted a different door for the kids’ bedroom. The one they have is a hollow core door that came with the hinges on the wrong side so my husband just switched it to the other side.. and it never really looked too great. Also, my kids have a pretty small bedroom and the door took away even more space because it opens inward.

    So I packed up the kids and we headed to our local ReStore. It’s always hit or miss for me there, but I have found some nice things! It’s the craziest thing tho, I went into there thinking, “I am going to find a door!” …and you know what?! I SURE DID!! It’s crazy to me because we can make all these excuses why we can’t finish projects or get started on them- because we can’t find this or that, or that we need to find a few more things, or we don’t have enough money, etc. It’s crazy to me because this has been the story of my life! But now, I put a little time crunch on finishing up this bedroom and VOILA- I find exactly what I was looking for instantly! It’s like pure magic guys!! Okay, I’ll be done now, but you get the point! Haha! I forgot to add- the door was only $7!!! So WOOHOO- such a steal!!

    I plan to paint this door and the hardware already came in for it and I’m in love!! The fun part about this door is that it will be a sliding door, like a barn door, but more modern looking! I can’t wait!!

    I had mentioned in my first post that Vernon needed a bed frame. I had one stored in my parents attic that I had bought from a garage sale years ago. It’s actually a bunk bed but I’m just going to be using half of it. I sanded it down, washed all the dust off and got it primed. I bought the paint yesterday and hope to put a coat on today!

    I ordered the wallpaper and hopefully it will be in sometime next week! I will share later on what I am doing with it! I’m so excited for that too! Can you tell that I am just so pumped for this entire room?!

    One other thing that I ordered (because we live in a very rural area) is some fabric samples, possibly to make some sort of window coverings!

    So that’s it for today guys- can’t wait to share some more updates and more pics next Thursday! Stay tuned and check out the other guest bloggers here!

    You can also follow along on my Instagram Page and in my stories!

    this is the color palette that makes my heart sing!! All these colors plus navy/dark blue and chartreuse!