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    If you know me at all, you know that I have always been a huge color-lover!! For a few years in my early twenties, I didn’t buy as many clothes with a bunch of different colors and patterns. I stuck to more neutrals… until I finally realized that neutral just doesn’t fit me! I am a color-lover through and through! Neutrals don’t give me any kind of sparkle, they don’t fire me up and make me happy like colorful patterns and different textures do! And yes, I still wear black and other neutral colors, but I definitely am drawn to colors way more! So, instead of trying to blend in and buy neutral clothing, I was like, “Who cares?! This is me and I’m fine with that!” It was so freeing when I made this choice to just go with what I love, instead of wearing what everyone else was wearing! You don’t know how many times, when I was in school I would try an outfit on before bed and lay it out for morning… and then in the morning I would chicken out to wear it. On went the jeans and t-shirt instead. Why?! Lack of confidence I suppose… but man does it feel GOOD when you are comfortable to wear whatever you like, and not worry about if someone else will like it or not!

    My love of color is not just in my clothing, it’s in everything in my life. I LOVE colorful home decor! So, I thought I would put up some pictures of some color that is peppered throughout my house! Every time I see a pretty spot in my house with a bunch of fun colors, it is sure to bring a smile to my face! I can’t wait to share some room reveals with you guys- the only thing is, I have a bunch of rooms in my house that are like 85% finished… So, with that being said, I have a question for you guys and I would absolutely LOVE it if you would help me out here! I am trying to figure out which room I should get done first! So the big question for you is:

    1. the kids bedroom (needs headboard for Vernon, trim touched up, windows painted, some shelving and decor)
    2. the upstairs bathroom (still needs a vanity, paint, trim and decor)
    3. the downstairs bathroom (mostly finished, have to touch up some paint and caulk)

    I have a bunch of things for these rooms already, just need to paint certain pieces or revamp them in some way. I do need to buy a few things too! So, what do you guys think? Tell me which room you would be MOST excited to see me post on here next! Thank you for your help! I’m excited to see what you guys pick, so I can get started on it!! Have a happy Monday everyone!


    BLUE SWEATER (similiar: onetwothree-same one, plus sized, four)| BUFFALO CHECK VEST (same, but from different seller: here) | JEANS (similar: onetwothree)| FLORAL BOOTIES (similar: onetwothreefour)


    I made a quick shopping trip to Marquette yesterday and it was so much fun! I took both of my kids and they did surprisingly well all day! Of course I wasn’t able to do clothes shopping at all.. that doesn’t work the best when you have 2 kiddos to entertain and you’re trying on clothes in a tiny, little stall. CATASTROPHE! Ha! We went to a cute, little place for lunch called Babycakes Muffin Co. They had the. best. soup. ever! It was a sausage lentil soup with veggies. I loved it and so did both of my kids! I would love to try to make something similar for dinner some night. I pinned a recipe on Pinterest so I’m hoping that it will be just as good! I have never used lentils in cooking, but I would love to start. It’s always fun to try new foods! I found a few little sparkly pink and gold bottle brush trees from Target to add to my Christmas decor. I also found a few other things but I will show you those hopefully soon, when I get at least one room finished over here. I have so many rooms in my house that are half done.. anyone else?? Or is it just me? Soon, I promise!!

    Alright! Let’s talk about this outfit! I am always mixing prints and patterns whether it’s in my own outfits, my kids outfits or in home decor! It’s fun to try things out to see what works! Sometimes I find new combinations that I wouldn’t have even thought of just by experimenting a little! I am loving this outfit right now- especially those floral booties, oh, and the jeans and the sweater!! The buffalo check vest is a couple years old but everything else is new from Charlotte Russe! I’m so bummed because I just checked the other day and they had all of these in stock- but now they are out of every single one of these items, but I linked some really great similar products above! I needed a new pair of jeans so I picked out a high waisted pair from from Charlotte Russe and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love them! I don’t feel like my rear is falling out, they hold my belly in and they are super trendy with the little distressed bottoms! I wore them to our Thanksgiving dinner and my aunt was wondering if I actually bought them like that?! I was like, well of course- that’s the style! Haha! Both of my Grandma’s always comment every time they see me wearing ripped jeans, “You mean you actually paid money for those? Are you serious? Do your legs get cold? You look cute.. besides for the pants. Should we take up a collection for her?!” Haha! That’s just the way it goes- I don’t expect them to understand! What can I say, a heart wants what a heart wants, even if that means paying for denim that has already been destroyed a bit.. or quite a bit! Anyways, all that matters is that I love them and I am comfortable in them! That blue sweater is the the perfect shade of dusty but still a little bit bright! I love how it’s on the bigger side! It makes it really comfy and flattering.. if you know what I mean? And those floral boots are so fun! They are definitely a statement piece, but still subtle enough to wear them with a casual outfit. I am loving the embroidered trend right now- are you? My sister got a pair of white tennis shoes with embroidered roses on them and we both love them.. but our other two sisters, not so much. That’s okay tho! We are each different in our own little ways and I love that! How boring would the world be if everyone liked ALL the same things?? I hope to inspire you to add some new, fun pieces to your wardrobe, but obviously every outfit might not be your cup of tea, and that’s okay too!

    Hope you all have a lovely day and thank you so much for reading! It means the world to me to that you take the time out of your day and come over here and read what I have to say! So thanks again!

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    LEOPARD PRINT COAT (similar: onetwothreefour, five)| SUEDE DRESS (similar: onetwo) | TIGHTS (similar: onetwo) | BLACK BOOTIES (similar: onetwothree)


    EEEK! My first fashion post!!! This has definitely given me quite the butterflies- but happy and fun butterflies mixed with a little bit of nerves! I have never been super photogenic.. so I don’t feel like I have a ton of pictures of myself, and I’m not super natural at striking a pose. I had my younger sister giving me pointers because I couldn’t see what I looked like! Haha! I love fashion tho, so here goes! Sometimes you have to experience a little bit of discomfort in order to grow!

    These were taken on a cold and windy day, which I’m sure you can tell from the photos, I am not good at hiding much! Anyways, I am a huge fan of leopard print! It’s so fun, yet so trendy and timeless at the same time. I love to wear this coat to church in the winter. It’s fun to mix it up instead of a plain black church coat. Plus- it is faux fur!! I LOVE anything fur too- so double perfection! You could totally wear this coat out and about too if you wanted! I paired the leopard print coat with a camel color suede dress (that is sooooo comfy), dark green tights, and a pair of black suede booties. I have had the black booties since last year and they have definitely been a staple in my wardrobe, they look cute with everything! Also, they aren’t too high to still carry my kids in!

    Let me know in the comments below if you are a leopard print fan! And if you’re not… I challenge you to try it out, whether it’s a pair of shoes/boots, a purse, a hair scrunchie, a sweater, or a full out FAUX FUR LEOPARD PRINT COAT! Whoa, that was a mouthful! But really tho, it just adds a little bit of fun and polish to your outfit!

    Hope you have a fabulous day!

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