It’s week two of the One Room Challenge!! I have to admit, I have a little confession to make.. I was having trouble writing this post because I don’t have a whole lot to show you this week, but that doesn’t mean that stuff isn’t HAPPENING!! I was thinking, “Shoot! Everyone will think I’m falling off the bus, throwing in the towel already!” But don’t worry folks! I have always worked better under pressure! ANNNDDD… I HAVE been getting stuff done, just not stuff that there are a whole lot of pictures for- but still, VERY IMPORTANT stuff!

    So first off, I want to let you in on a few design secrets! Are you ready?

    Okay!! So I was feeling a little stumped on the color way of my kids bedroom. I didn’t have a color scheme all put together in my head, I was just of kind of winging it! I knew I wanted fun, bright colors and that’s about it! So I was trying to figure things out, like for example, what color I was going to paint the door, bed frame, etc. Then one night after everyone was asleep, and I could finally sit down and think, I started looking through my big book of colors. I knew one color that I wanted to use for sure was olive green. So, the next step that I took was… PINTEREST!! My favorite place for inspiration! I typed “olive green color scheme” in the search box and started scrolling. I came upon a color palette that made me so happy! I knew right then and there that I had figured out a little piece to the puzzle! This is the part where I got so giddy and tried to hop in bed and fall fast asleep instantly… but that didn’t quite happen! This is how I get! When I’m so fired up on a project, it’s hard to shut my brain off with all the ideas that are popping into my head faster than I can process them- but I LOVE it!! This is how creativity works guys! You never know when you are going to strike a pot of gold- and when you do, you just gotta run with it! It’s so fun!!

    Tip #1: Start with a color scheme! (This could entail a palette you found from Pinterest, a magazine, etc., a piece of art, a throw pillow, etc.)

    Tip #2: Your color scheme should make you/your client HAPPY!! (If you look at a color scheme and think, “Yeah, that’s cool.” but that’s the extent of it, then that probably isn’t the right one for you! You’ll know!)

    Tip #3: Don’t rush into it and just throw something up! (Have a color scheme picked out before you start throwing things together. You will save yourself time, energy and money if you think it through! Make sure you are getting the right vibe, that it fits with the style that you are going for! *But also, don’t get STUCK in the thinking part too long either- you have to find that balance!)

    Alright! Those are my tips for you today, now on to what I’ve been getting done over here! The first thing that I am really excited about is a door that I found! I knew I wanted a different door for the kids’ bedroom. The one they have is a hollow core door that came with the hinges on the wrong side so my husband just switched it to the other side.. and it never really looked too great. Also, my kids have a pretty small bedroom and the door took away even more space because it opens inward.

    So I packed up the kids and we headed to our local ReStore. It’s always hit or miss for me there, but I have found some nice things! It’s the craziest thing tho, I went into there thinking, “I am going to find a door!” …and you know what?! I SURE DID!! It’s crazy to me because we can make all these excuses why we can’t finish projects or get started on them- because we can’t find this or that, or that we need to find a few more things, or we don’t have enough money, etc. It’s crazy to me because this has been the story of my life! But now, I put a little time crunch on finishing up this bedroom and VOILA- I find exactly what I was looking for instantly! It’s like pure magic guys!! Okay, I’ll be done now, but you get the point! Haha! I forgot to add- the door was only $7!!! So WOOHOO- such a steal!!

    I plan to paint this door and the hardware already came in for it and I’m in love!! The fun part about this door is that it will be a sliding door, like a barn door, but more modern looking! I can’t wait!!

    I had mentioned in my first post that Vernon needed a bed frame. I had one stored in my parents attic that I had bought from a garage sale years ago. It’s actually a bunk bed but I’m just going to be using half of it. I sanded it down, washed all the dust off and got it primed. I bought the paint yesterday and hope to put a coat on today!

    I ordered the wallpaper and hopefully it will be in sometime next week! I will share later on what I am doing with it! I’m so excited for that too! Can you tell that I am just so pumped for this entire room?!

    One other thing that I ordered (because we live in a very rural area) is some fabric samples, possibly to make some sort of window coverings!

    So that’s it for today guys- can’t wait to share some more updates and more pics next Thursday! Stay tuned and check out the other guest bloggers here!

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    this is the color palette that makes my heart sing!! All these colors plus navy/dark blue and chartreuse!






    I wanted to share some photos from our baby girl’s Golden Birthday! We ended up celebrating her birthday 3 weeks after her actual birthday.. sometimes LIFE happens guys.

    I love decorating and making things pretty, so you can imagine how much I enjoy PARTIES!! I have loved parties since I was a little girl! I remember going all out decorating with streamers and balloons for my siblings and parents birthdays! It has always been so much fun for me! One time (or maybe even a few times) I made a cake for my Mom’s birthday. At the time I hadn’t quite mastered the skill of baking… I remember the poor, chocolate cake looking more like pannukakku, and tasting a little like it too. Cringe! I tried so hard, and I’m glad I didn’t give up (and that my mom allowed me to keep “wasting” ingredients so that I could learn) because today baking is one of my favorite things to do! It has improved too, so don’t be scared to come over for coffee and bakery! Haha!

    My mom always made our Birthday’s special by making us a fun birthday cake! This was back before there was Pinterest, and she had a little cake book that we could choose a cake from. I remember it was always so hard to pick! So thank you Mom for always making our Birthday’s special.. and sorry for all those terrible birthday cakes that I made for you, that you had to choke down and pretend it was delicious!!

    A little tip for any of you who may get stressed or overwhelmed easy, but you still love to throw parties: split up some of the work for the party into a couple days! This is a life saver for me! I remember Vernon’s 1st Birthday party and I spent the entire day- up until the guests arrived, preparing for this party. To be honest, I was exhausted! I had to put a smile on my face tho, and act like it was all good! I have noticed if I try to fit it all in, the day of the party.. I am a crab and a stress ball and that’s no way to be at a party! So, what works for me is- I make the cake the day before and then frost it the day of the party. That’s a huge time saver and there’s not so many dishes to wash in one day also! I try to clean the day before, so then the day of the party you can just do touch ups. The rest (decorating) I usually do the day of.

    Rosie didn’t look too thrilled when we were singing Happy Birthday to her! She wasn’t too sure about all the attention! Haha! I don’t know if all the commotion was a little too much or what, but later, after the majority of the people had left she was like an energizer bunny! Running around, laughing and having a good time! Or maybe it was the sugar?! Or maybe she takes after her Mother. I tend to start shutting down sometimes with too big of crowds of people I know. I definitely do better in smaller groups, that’s when I really come to life! Anyways, it was a fun, little party and I thoroughly enjoyed making her cake! Anything with unicorns and rainbows has to be fun, right?!

    Happy 2nd Birthday Rosie! I can’t believe that our little preemie is 2 already! Crazy to think that you were just over 2 lbs when you came into this world! I haven’t shared this part of my life with the world, but today I’m going to share a little piece of it. I can hardly see through the tears as I am typing this.. it brings back so many memories and emotions.

    I remember the first time I held you.. you were 6 days old. The nurse came in and said, do you want to kangaroo? (which means you hold your baby skin to skin on your chest). I was so surprised because I hadn’t held you yet and nobody said that it was okay for me too. I immediately said YES! My whole body started shaking and the cold sweats came on, sitting in that recliner in the NICU. You were so tiny and all hooked up to wires and cords. I was so nervous. The kind nurses told me, “Relax Mama, you won’t break her, it’s okay.” That helped a little.. but I was still very stiff and hardly moved a muscle for the whole hour that your tiny, little body laid on me, snuggled right up close to my neck. You were so tiny and I couldn’t believe this little miracle that YOU, so tiny, but such a fighter, were brought into this world and thriving, even though you arrived 3 months too early. I remember looking at your tiny little fingers.. and your little arms. Your arm was the size of my finger, wrapped around my neck. It’s really amazing to see an arm so small! I just gazed at you the entire hour and tried to soak in all of you, all snuggled up on my chest. You sure loved your Mommy. The whole time you were laying on me, you were so relaxed and snoozing away that you dropped your oxygen levels a few times; so relaxed that you kept forgetting that you still had to breathe. You thought all you had to do was snuggle! Babies know who their Mama’s are right from the beginning. That was such a special moment for me. I’m so happy that you still like to snuggle with your Mama! I love you Rosie!

    You have been sweet and spunky since day 1! I love all your chuckles and belly laughs. I hope you will always be a Mama’s girl, even tho sometimes I need a little break, I really do LOVE IT! I love that you love shoes and clothes at such a young age! I love all the words that you are learning by the day, and your little personality. I love your strawberry blonde hair and those big, beautiful, light blue eyes you have! You have forever changed our lives for the better and we could never imagine a day without our little Munchie! We love you babes!



    I am so excited to share some big news with you guys!! I have never done anything like this before and I’m just so giddy over here!!

    Sooooo… I will be participating in the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge as a guest participant!! This challenge starts TODAY for all guest participants! “The ORC is not a competition, but rather a celebration of creativity, inspiration and original ideas!” -ORC website. It’s a fun little challenge to encourage you to finish up ONE room in your home! This is so great because if you’re anything like me, you jump from room to room instead of getting ONE room fully finished! ORC puts this fun, little challenge on twice a year, every Spring and Fall! I hope you will follow along for the next 6 weeks to watch this room makeover! Check back each Thursday right here on my blog and my Instagram page for an update! Check out all of the other Guest Participants here. The 20 Featured Designers will post every Wednesday, so go check them out too! Also, head over to the ORC website to get more info and check out a bunch of rooms that have been transformed in the previous seasons! Check out their Instagram page here for some more inspiration!

    So, I am going to makeover my kids bedroom! I have a 4 year old boy (Vernon) and a 2 year old girl (Rosie) who share a room. A while ago I had painted their walls a nice bright white- (they used to be cantaloupe orange…) and that’s as far as I got! So, it’s kind of a blank canvas for me and I love that!

    Today I am going to show you some before pictures and then next week I’ll share some progress!

    I will be keeping the white walls, the wooden armoire for the kids clothes, the chartreuse area rug, the green bookshelf and Rosie’s crib. I will be getting rid of the blanket and pillowcase that we’ve been using as curtains, the light bulb will be changed to a fixture and I’ll be getting some new bedding. I will be adding fun decor and art, curtains, possibly some wallpaper, shelving, a new door, lighting and a bed frame for Vernon.

    The first thing I always do when designing a room is think about how I want the space to feel! This bedroom is for my kiddos so I want it to feel fun, happy, calm and clean! I think kids NEED color, so I will be using a lot of color in this room! The white walls act as a blank canvas and make the room feel fresh and clean! I will be sure to use some muted colors and touches of black for a resting place for the eyes. The wood tones of the armoire and touches of copper will help to warm up the space! I will be using lots of patterns; it makes it feel fun and I’m such a pattern girl, so I guess my kids are too! Haha!

    So here’s my starting point! I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!


    And here’s my main inspiration picture! I love the fun vibe this room gives off!

    Four Cheeky Monkeys

    Check back next week to see some progress!!

    Thanks for following along!





    We traveled to lower Michigan last week/weekend for a family wedding. I wanted to share a few pics from our time there!

    The drive down was VERY pretty! The leaves have started changing colors and all the red, orange and yellow trees make me so happy! (I was the driver at this point in the trip so sadly I didn’t get any pics). We also seen rainbows 4 different times with the off and on rain and sunshine!

    We got in late Wednesday night- and the bed at the hotel felt pretty amazing after 9 hours in the car with a 2 and 4 year old. The kids usually both travel really well in the car.. but the day before we left I brought Rosie in to the docs because she was having trouble breathing due to a cold. We found out she had a little bit of pneumonia in one of her lungs. They put her on antibiotics and a steroid and we gave her nebulizer treatments every 4 hours. The steroid always makes her crabby.. so she wasn’t the happiest in the car.

    The next day we ate breakfast at the hotel. We stayed at a Hampton Inn- it’s pretty much my favorite hotel for many reasons. They wash their duvet covers, they have the best breakfast and all the ones I have stayed at have been clean and updated! #notsponsored. After that I ran into Marshall’s quick while my husband waited in the van with the kids.. and I came out empty handed. It’s so hard to shop under pressure! Later my husband had an appointment and then we hung out at our hotel.

    On friday we visited a Cider Mill with cousins! If you’ve never been to a Michigan Cider Mill in the Fall.. you are missing out!! They have the best apple cider and homemade cinnamon and sugar donuts! I may or may not have polished off 3 donuts in one sitting.. the one we went to had farm animals, a big outdoor play area, hayrides, apple picking, etc. It’s the perfect place to go for a Fall outing with the fam!

    Saturday was wedding day but we didn’t have to be at the church til 3 PM. I ran into Homegoods quick and found a few things for an upcoming project that I will share with you very soon! One of the challenging parts about traveling to the city (when you’re from a small town)… is you have to try to fit in all your shopping while you’re there! The closest TJ Maxx and Target are 2 hours from where I live.. soooooo, when you’re a shopper, you gotta hit at least a few stores!

    Anyways, it was an absolute perfect day for a wedding! The wedding was beautiful and we enjoyed seeing our out of town family and friends! We had a late night visiting with cousins and the following morning we got on the road by 8 AM to make the long trip home.

    I always love to travel, but it always feels so good to be home! Also, I love my own bed and my own bathroom! TMI??! I don’t care, it’s true!!


    There’s this thing that I want to talk to you guys about… It’s something that we all do, me included. This thing isn’t healthy to do on the daily, it doesn’t help us to achieve our goals, it wastes time, it makes us feel like crap, highly unmotivated, frustrated and crabby. But we all. do. it!!! WHY???

    This BIG thing that I’m talking about is… NUMBING.

    We all do it. Yes YOU, even if YOU don’t think this pertains to YOU, it DOES! Trust me! We are EXPERTS at numbing!

    Here are some examples of my numbing tactics:

    • scrolling my phone/laptop for hours
    • avoiding doing dishes, laundry, dinner
    • keeping myself busy with useless stuff, just to be busy
    • driving all over so I don’t have to sit at home and look at/deal with the mess
    • spending money, shopping, retail therapy, whatever you want to call it
    • getting caught up in gossip which I absolutely loathe!!! It’s one of the things that I can actually say that I HATE, and hate is a strong word.
    • wanting to get away, go on a vacation!
    • over eating
    • making other people’s problems my own so I can focus on helping them, instead of focusing on what I’m avoiding

    Can you relate to these? Everyone numbs a little differently. Some may binge watch shows, exercise constantly, focus too much on their diet to the point of being unhealthy, work excessively, constantly be racing from one place to the next, become addicted to smoking, drinking or drugs. Or maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum and you never say no and are always helping everyone else out, never taking time for yourself. You give all your energy to others and keep yourself so busy so you don’t have to think about what you actually need deep down. You worry about everyone else’s problems, illnesses and hardships. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t care for others, of course you should! But.. you don’t have to take on EVERYONE’S stuff ALL. THE. TIME.

    So why do we do this?

    The simple answer is this: because we don’t want to feel.

    We want to push feelings and fears away. We want to live on top our whole lives, we don’t want to be down in the dumps. Who wants to feel like crap and feel those hard emotions? We think if we cover them up with something we won’t have to bother with them… WRONG. They don’t leave, and they will continue to RUN. YOUR. LIFE. until you decide that you are READY- to just SIT and FEEL, and ask yourself what it is that you’re trying to avoid/feel. Then ask yourself what you need in order to get through this thing that is bothering you, and then GO and DO that thing!

    I want to give you a few quick examples of reasons why I numb. I numb because of bills, because of life situations, because I’m not achieving my goals as fast as I would like, because being a Mom is always a challenge and because there are projects that I want to be done but they won’t finish themselves.

    You know something tho… the best way to get through something is THROUGH it, not around it! So face those fears head on- stop numbing them out! FEEL all those FEELINGS that you have built up inside. Let them out! Cry, laugh, jump around, write things down, whatever you gotta do! You will feel more content and happy when you start doing this. It won’t be easy, but it WILL be worth it!!