Hi, I’m Hannah! I’m married and have 2 little munchkins. I love to play around with color and patterns in my home, I have a major sweet tooth.. but I also love to exercise (it’s called balance!) and I’m always trying to bring a little sunshine to each day! I started this blog because I needed somewhere to put down all my ideas, thoughts and inspirations… and it’s a fun, little outlet as a mom!

I am always thinking of ways to style spaces! I am really drawn to white walls, bright, happy colors, florals, different patterns and textures and warm wood tones! I don’t like when a space feels too matchy-matchy.. I like to try out new things to see what works and what doesn’t, usually through trial and error (my husband might not like that part too much, but you can’t just have a space that feels okay, it has to be AWESOME!!) When I’m in a space that doesn’t give off a good vibe, I feel it! So, I try to create spaces with a happy, yet still calm feel to them. And yes, I believe you can still use bright colors without feeling like the space is overwhelming.

I probably eat chocolate everyday! How could you not?! I came to a huge realization the other day.. one of the most underestimated desserts is brownies with hot fudge and ice cream! Seriously SO GOOD!! When I travel to somewhere new, one of the very first things I do is find a bakery! Cupcakes, donuts, cookies…

I went to a personal training school and got certified- but haven’t used it yet. I don’t regret it tho because I learned so much and use little bits and pieces everyday! I have always loved to exercise, it’s one of the main things in life that keeps me sane! When I’m crabby… I most likely need to get out and exercise- I always come home feeling so refreshed and ready to go! Some of my favorites are running, skate skiing, snowshoeing, lifting weights, yoga and I recently tried HIGH fitness and it is SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! I like to mix it up and try new things too!

My biggest goal for my blog is to bring you a little bit of happy each day, because life can be super hard at times and we all could all use a little boost, I know I do!