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    There’s this thing that I want to talk to you guys about… It’s something that we all do, me included. This thing isn’t healthy to do on the daily, it doesn’t help us to achieve our goals, it wastes time, it makes us feel like crap, highly unmotivated, frustrated and crabby. But we all. do. it!!! WHY???

    This BIG thing that I’m talking about is… NUMBING.

    We all do it. Yes YOU, even if YOU don’t think this pertains to YOU, it DOES! Trust me! We are EXPERTS at numbing!

    Here are some examples of my numbing tactics:

    • scrolling my phone/laptop for hours
    • avoiding doing dishes, laundry, dinner
    • keeping myself busy with useless stuff, just to be busy
    • driving all over so I don’t have to sit at home and look at/deal with the mess
    • spending money, shopping, retail therapy, whatever you want to call it
    • getting caught up in gossip which I absolutely loathe!!! It’s one of the things that I can actually say that I HATE, and hate is a strong word.
    • wanting to get away, go on a vacation!
    • over eating
    • making other people’s problems my own so I can focus on helping them, instead of focusing on what I’m avoiding

    Can you relate to these? Everyone numbs a little differently. Some may binge watch shows, exercise constantly, focus too much on their diet to the point of being unhealthy, work excessively, constantly be racing from one place to the next, become addicted to smoking, drinking or drugs. Or maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum and you never say no and are always helping everyone else out, never taking time for yourself. You give all your energy to others and keep yourself so busy so you don’t have to think about what you actually need deep down. You worry about everyone else’s problems, illnesses and hardships. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t care for others, of course you should! But.. you don’t have to take on EVERYONE’S stuff ALL. THE. TIME.

    So why do we do this?

    The simple answer is this: because we don’t want to feel.

    We want to push feelings and fears away. We want to live on top our whole lives, we don’t want to be down in the dumps. Who wants to feel like crap and feel those hard emotions? We think if we cover them up with something we won’t have to bother with them… WRONG. They don’t leave, and they will continue to RUN. YOUR. LIFE. until you decide that you are READY- to just SIT and FEEL, and ask yourself what it is that you’re trying to avoid/feel. Then ask yourself what you need in order to get through this thing that is bothering you, and then GO and DO that thing!

    I want to give you a few quick examples of reasons why I numb. I numb because of bills, because of life situations, because I’m not achieving my goals as fast as I would like, because being a Mom is always a challenge and because there are projects that I want to be done but they won’t finish themselves.

    You know something tho… the best way to get through something is THROUGH it, not around it! So face those fears head on- stop numbing them out! FEEL all those FEELINGS that you have built up inside. Let them out! Cry, laugh, jump around, write things down, whatever you gotta do! You will feel more content and happy when you start doing this. It won’t be easy, but it WILL be worth it!!