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    Happy winter!! When the snow started falling yesterday, Vernon (my 3 year old) said, “YAY! IT’S WINTER!!” I love our winters, although at times they can get long so I always hope for a really long and beautiful fall. We had an absolutely gorgeous fall this year, and now I feel like I’m ready for the snow.. although it’s probably not here to stay quite yet! All this snow makes me feel so cozy- think a mug of hot chocolate, wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket and listening to Christmas music! Yes, we have had the Christmas tunes on already! Vernon keeps asking if it’s Christmas yet?

    Vernon is pretty excited for Halloween, he loves to run around all day in his costume! We bought a little spider web with spiders the other day and we have some mini pumpkins on the table… that’s about the extent of our decor this year. I would love to go all out decorating for the holidays, but we have had a super busy fall so maybe next year! I have loved to decorate since I was really young. I was always the one making decorations out of construction paper and taping them to the windows.. I’m sure they looked beautiful! 😉 I always feel so excited with the holidays- must just be the inner-kid in me!

    Two days ago I signed up for a gym membership and have gone 3 days in a row! It feels so amazing to get back into it, and I am super sore! It was a cardio day for me today. I did an interval workout on the treadmill- I forgot how challenging those are!! I love them because I feel like the time goes by a lot faster than if you’re just running one pace the whole time! It’s good to mix it up too!

    Happy Saturday everyone!




    I have thought about this for a VERY LONG time. I have gone back and forth in my head, “should I do it, should I not?” a million times! Finally I have decided to go ahead and just have fun with this! So here I am, writing my first EVER blog post!! I have daily doses of inspiration from Continue Reading…