I wanted to write a little post to let you guys all know a bit more about me! These aren’t necessarily the most important things, but just little tidbits that I would like to share, and some things that I am loving right now!


  1. My ancestors were from Finland and Sweden. I took a year of Finnish in high school.. but didn’t pay attention as much as I should have.. I would love to visit both of those countries someday!
  2. I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but I have been LOVING peppermint mocha’s lately! I actually got hooked on them last year, when McDonald’s had them for the holidays! I’ve been making many trips to McDonald’s drive thru- and I’m super bummed that the end is coming, until next year.. also, coffee makes me kind of jittery so often times I regret it after the fact!
  3. A quote that fits me perfectly is: “Somedays I go to the gym and eat salads, and other days I eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants! It’s called balance!”
  4. I used to dread winter, but now I absolutely LOVE it!! I like to skate ski and it makes our long, Michigan winters fly by! Also, how can you not think a forest, blanketed in snow isn’t magical?!
  5. My whole life I have been a perfectionist… but it has gotten me NO.WHERE. Starting in 4th grade I started getting terrible headaches about 3 times a week and they continued all the way into my senior year of high school. I finally realized that stress and tension were causing them. Finally I made the decision to let myself go with the flow a little more! And now to this day, every time I get a headache it’s because I’m trying to do too much, trying to make things too perfect, stressing too much over cleaning, stressing over something that’s not in my control, etc. So.. my house flies and I fly by the seat of my pants, but it is WAY THE HECK BETTER than HEADACHES! You win some, you lose some! When I start spending too much time on something, I have to remind myself, “Progress over perfection Hannah!”
  6. I have 3 sisters and 4 brothers and I love it! It’s so much fun to have a big family! Having 3 sisters is the best because they are all so unique in their own way, yet so alike too! I love when we are all together, but I really cherish one on one time too!
  7. I would LOVE to live in the city!!! Temporarily tho- I love where I live now, but always think it would be fun to live in the hustle and bustle for a few years! I have lived in Scottsdale, AZ, Minneapolis, MN and Milwaukee, WI for short periods of time and it was so much fun! My husband is not much for the city tho.. so it may always be a dream!
  8. I am kind of an old soul in some ways- I love old country music, I am always behind the times with technology and often times I find it easier to make new friends that are older and wiser than me! I didn’t always relate to girls my own age (besides my close group of friends, which are the BEST!!!) because there was too much drama and stuff that seemed piddly and just didn’t interest me. I didn’t think I was better than them, actually it was the opposite, I never felt like I was cool enough for a lot of girls. And I didn’t like pretending and trying to fit in when that’s not who I am. I also prefer stainless steel pots over non-stick any day!! Haha! I do like non-stick frying pans tho! So random, I know!
  9. I love to bake.. but I don’t do much of it because I have no willpower to not eat ALL of it afterwards!
  10. My first car that I owned was a 1993, baby blue, Ford Tempo! It is still one of my all time favorites!! I could go anywhere in the winter with it, and to this day I have not had a car that was as good as that beast in the snow!
  11. I’ve been buying books just for the color of their spine, for home decor! I most likely won’t ever read them.
  12. I love to sing! If you ever stop over without giving me a heads up, you may walk in on me belting out a song! My dad always sang in our house growing up and it’s one of my favorite things about him!
  13. 13 is my favorite number!!


Let me know your thoughts! Should I do more of these posts? Any questions? Have a lovely day and thank you for reading!